Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Bronwyn Saleh and I am a Brisbane Civil Marriage Celebrant.
Although my home is in Brisbane, I will happily travel to the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Mt Tamborine, the Sunshine Coast, Logan, Redcliffe, Redlands and Ipswich.

Renewal Wedding Vows

Vow Renewal Ceremony Couples choose to renew their marriage vows for many reasons. Should you choose to renew your wedding vows as a celebration of the years you have been married, to express to family and friends that your love, devotion and respect of one another. Ready to renew your vows together?

Baby Naming Ceremonies Brisbane Wedding Celebrant

Baby Naming Ceremonies If a religious christening is not your style a naming ceremony is the solution. I can create a baby naming ceremony which matches your family’s needs. Celebrate your new bundle of joy and introduce them to your family and friends with a bespoke baby naming ceremony.

Love is friendship that has caught fire.
― Ann Landers

Hi I’m Bronwyn Saleh
your Civil Marriage Celebrant

Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage Celebrant for all LGBTQI couples is finally legal in Australia. I am a strong advocate for marriage equality and believe that diversity makes any community stronger. As your experienced and professional Wedding Celebrant I would love to officiate at your Same Sex Marriage Ceremony.

Elopement Ceremonies By Bronwyn Saleh

Elopement Wedding Celebrant You can simply declare your love for one another and say your vows to each other and elope privately. All that is needed is a Celebrant, 2 partners, 2 witnesses and we have everything needed for an Elopement.

I'm Getting Ready To Marry Another Couple


 Until Heena and Shivam get married!



  • Weddings at Manly

    Weddings at Manly Brisbane Marriage Celebrant

    Situated on picturesque Moreton Bay, Manly is an ideal spot to get married.

  • Do I Need a Celebrant for my Marriage Ceremony

    Do I Need a Celebrant for my Marriage Ceremony

    Weddings can be expensive, so why go to the expense of hiring a celebrant?

  • Broadbeach Wedding

    Wonderful Broadbeach Wedding

    Broadbeach is one of the loveliest locations to get married on the Gold Coast.

  • Wedding at Hillstone St Lucia

    Wedding at Hillstone St Lucia

    A wedding at Hillstone St Lucia is always an event to remember. Situated in Brisbane’s western suburbs, Hillstone St Lucia is one of Brisbane’s premiere wedding venues.

  • Dogs at your wedding

    Dogs at Your Wedding

    If you love your fur babies almost as much as you love your partner, you might want to include your dogs in your wedding.

  • Hiring a Hall

    Hiring a Hall

    Hiring a hall can have many advantages, particularly for couples who don’t want a traditional venue or who want to DIY some aspects of their wedding.

  • Mt Tamborine Wedding

    Mt Tamborine Wedding

    A Mt Tamborine wedding is always fabulous. The green and leafy Gold Coast hinterland offers so many options for ceremony and reception locations, the most difficult choice you will face is deciding which of these fantastic spots is the perfect place for you.

  • Wedding parks and gardens in Brisbane

    Parks and Gardens for Brisbane Weddings

    Brisbane has fabulous parks and gardens in the city and in the suburbs. No wonder many couples choose parks and gardens for Brisbane weddings.

  • Vows in English

    Do I Have To Say My Vows In English

    You don’t always have to say your wedding vows in English. You can say your vows in another language, but there are some guidelines that you must follow.

  • Raining on your wedding day

    Raining on Your Wedding Day

    Most couples hope that they will have perfect weather, but what if it’s raining on your wedding day?

  • Kangaroo Point Weddings

    Kangaroo Point Weddings Brisbane Marriage Celebrant

    Kangaroo Point weddings offer spectacular river and city views, a great choice of ceremony and reception venues and everything is just a few minutes from Brisbane’s CBD.

  • Getting married at Hamilton

    Getting Married at Hamilton Brisbane Marriage Celebrant

    Getting married at Hamilton is a great choice for a number of reasons, especially because Hamilton is home to some of Brisbane’s premier wedding venues.

  • Weddings at Sandstone Point Hotel

    Weddings at Sandstone Point Hotel

    Weddings at the Sandstone Point Hotel are always fabulous. If you’re thinking of getting married in a beautiful venue, check out the great wedding options at Sandstone Point.

  • Official Certificate of Marriage

    Official Certificate of Marriage

    The Official Certificate of Marriage is a legal document that can be used as proof that you are married, but it isn’t something that you get on your wedding day.

  • Get Married at Cleveland

    Get Married at Cleveland

    You will never regret deciding to get married at Cleveland. It’s about 40 minutes by car from the Brisbane CBD, but it feels like a world away.

  • Wedding at Coolum Beach

    Wedding at Coolum Beach

    Coolum Beach – clear blue sky, clean white sand, brilliant blue ocean – it’s a great place for a beautiful beach wedding.

  • Getting Married at Home

    Getting Married at Home

    Getting married at home is a popular trend, but it can be challenging.

  • Changing your name

    Changing your Name

    You are not required by law to change your name after marriage. However, you can decide to change your previous surname if you desire.

  • Weddings at Newstead

    Weddings at Newstead

    Newstead is a great choice for couples wanting to get married in Brisbane. From historic houses to sleek modern venues, Newstead has options to suit the most discerning couples.

  • Chinese Wedding Brisbane

    Chinese Wedding Brisbane

    Planning a Chinese Wedding in Brisbane Planning a wedding can be difficult at any time,…

  • Brisbane wedding parks

    Brisbane Parks for Weddings

    There are lots of great Brisbane parks for weddings and most of them can be booked for your ceremony.

  • Brisbane Botanic Gardens

    Brisbane Botanic Gardens Wedding

    The Brisbane Botanic Gardens are big, beautiful and a great place for your wedding ceremony.

  • Wedding Plan Checklist Brisbane

    Wedding Planning Checklists

    Planning a wedding and ensuring that everything goes smoothly can sometimes be a stressful task. Wedding planning checklists can make your planning so much easier.

  • Gabbinbar Homestead Toowoomba

    Gabbinbar Homestead Toowoomba

    Conducting a ceremony at  Gabbinbar Homestead, Toowoomba is always a pleasure.