Alternative Wedding

Alternative Weddings

Weddings are moving from the traditional set up where everything has to follow a specific predetermined order of things to a much more relaxed set-up that’s designed to reflect who you are, not what people expect of you. Couples are commonly now choosing to have an

 alternative wedding

 that reflects who they are inside, which brings into perspective their personalised and individual beliefs and values. To put it simply, if you’re a unique soul then own it and have an alternative wedding!

If you want to have a wedding ceremony that is tailor-made just for you, why not consider an alternative theme? As a celebrant I am flexible enough to work with what you have in mind, no matter what. For many couples, finding a celebrant who embraces their unique side is a challenge, but you can forget about that roadblock. I might even suggest alternative wedding ideas which you can add to your list of ideas!

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Bronwyn SalehIdeas for alternative weddings

  • Ditch the idea of a big traditional wedding and think about you and your spouse. Think of a getaway weekend with a small exclusive group or a small intimate backyard wedding.
  • Have a themed photo session before the main ceremony and another after the exchange of vows – perfect for a cosplay wedding. Choose to arrive together for the celebration in a costume that means the world to you as opposed to the traditional setting in which the groom waits for the bride to walk down the aisle.
  • Consider using brushed metallic and softer colours in your design if you’re after a gothic wedding, for example, you could combine all the shades of pink there are with brass and coppers!
  • Add funny wedding vows! The stage is yours, so non-traditional wedding vows are a great idea.

Endless choices

Alternative weddings provide endless space to be yourself. Embrace the tradition of a handfasting wedding to literally ‘tie the knot’, or a cosplay wedding with you in your favourite costume. Unlike a more traditional celebrant, I will choose an outfit for the day to match the theme of your wedding, so the occasion will truly stand out!

If you’ve been contemplating an alternative wedding but haven’t yet had the courage to pursue it, I can only say do it! The joy you get thinking back on your wedding every day afterwards is worth it.

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