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Baby Naming Ceremonies

For many couples, a baby naming ceremony is an eagerly awaited occasion after the birth of a beautiful new family member. It is the celebration that officially welcomes your child into the world and into the loving community who will help steer its young life through life’s challenges.

Personalised baby naming ceremonies

You can choose to have a traditional baby naming ceremony with a chance for loved ones to speak – this is typically done by those who you have asked to play a role in your new child’s life. In contrast, you may wish to throw convention out the window and create your own baby naming ceremony. Can you picture a relaxed ceremony in the comfort of your own home? It can be a reality! I’d be delighted to come to your home to help by performing a non-religious ceremony to officially welcome in your new bundle of joy.

I understand that this is a special occasion, not only for your child but also for your whole family. While my baby-naming ceremonies are non-religious, I can still tailor them to suit various cultural traditions and personal beliefs to make sure your individual needs are met.

An unforgettable occasion

Each child naming celebration is unique, and every family wants to commemorate the day in their own way. Surround your child with love and warmth and let them know how special they are to you by having a personalised and joyful celebration. If you’d like to nominate godparents or mentors the baby naming ceremony provides the ideal time to offer blessings or promises for your child.

You may wish to add special touches to your naming day ceremony that stand out to you. Lighting of candles, signature books, balloon releases and of course a delicious cake are all popular options.

If you’d like to make your baby naming day memorable please reach out and contact me today!

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