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Beach Wedding in Queensland

Beach Wedding

Everyone Loves a Beach Wedding in Queensland

One of the best things about having a beach wedding in Queensland is the relaxed holiday vibe of a ceremony by the sea. The views are fabulous. There are plenty of places to get great photos without leaving the area. The weather is amazing, perfect for a beach wedding, most of the year. However, there are a few things to remember when you’re planning your beautiful beach wedding in Queensland.

Planning a Beach Wedding

  • Get married during the day. Once it gets dark, you won’t get your fabulous photos with the sea in the background. The ocean is still there, but it looks like a black blob in your photos
  • Book a site if you can. Most councils have areas that you can book for a beach wedding. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have other beach users nearby, but your ceremony can be set up beforehand and removed when you and your guests move on to the reception. Most beach users are polite and will stay away from your wedding
  • Make sure your celebrant has a sound system. They are competing with the noise of wind and waves. Your guests will be disappointed if they can’t hear you and your beloved say your wedding vows
  • Have a Plan B. I always tell my couples to make sure they have a back-up location in case of rain. For a beach wedding in Queensland, you need a Plan B in case of super windy weather too. Standing on the beach as the wind whips sand into your face is not nice on your wedding day
  • Beaches can be hot. Hot summer days can can turn a beach wedding in Queensland into torture. Wear sunscreen and make sure there is sunscreen and water available for your guests
  • If you’re having an arbour, make sure that any drapes or curtains are firmly tied. The last thing you want at a beach wedding is the arbour drapes flapping and ruining your photos. If your arbour is decorated with flowers and greenery, consider using artificial flowers or tough plants like eucalypts. Delicate flowers like roses wilt in the heat.

Dressing for a Beach Wedding in Queensland

  • Think about the style of your wedding dress. Lightweight fabrics are cool and look amazing for a beach wedding, but big pouffy skirts get blown around by the wind. Lacy fabrics and trains collect little bits of grass, sticks and all the other debris you find on a beach
  • A long veil can be a nuisance at a beach wedding. The wind can turn a cathedral length veil into metres of tulle flapping uncontrollably. Flower crowns, fascinators with a little bit of net and sparkly hair clips all look wonderful and are far easier to manage on the beach
  • Long hair will get blown around by the wind at a beach wedding. Consider wearing an updo or a braid so that you will look gorgeous for the photos. Lots of hairspray can help too
  • Bare feet and barefoot sandals are fine for a beach wedding in Queensland. If you want to wear shoes, look for a style with heels that won’t sink into the sand. If you really want those fabulous high heels, make sure you have an aisle runner and a mat or wooden platform to stand on during the ceremony
  • Grooms and the guys in your bridal party need to be comfortable too. A three piece suit looks great – but it’s not practical for a beach wedding. Consider wearing dressy shorts or lightweight comfortable trousers with a dressy cotton shirt. Casual but classy looks great for a beach wedding in Queensland.

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I love beach weddings and can suggest some fabulous beach wedding locations around Southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales. CALL ME to find out more.

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Photo by Catch Me Kiss Me Weddings