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Beating the Heat in a Brisbane Summer Wedding

Beating the heat in a Brisbane summer wedding

Tips For Beating the Heat in a Brisbane Summer Wedding

Is it possible to beat the heat in a Brisbane Summer wedding? The short answer is “Yes”, as long as you consider the weather in your wedding planning.

Summer is fabulous – think of days spent at the beach, ditching the winter woollies for cooler clothes and long cool drinks on a shady verandah. Summer sounds great, but is it really the best time to get married in Brisbane? How can you help your guests stay cool and comfortable?

Many couples opt to wait to tie the knot until the weather cools down, but you can have a Brisbane Summer wedding and beat the heat. All it takes is some planning and forethought.

As a Brisbane City Celebrant, I am a wedding professional with lots of experience of hot weather weddings and ideas for beating the heat.

Some handy Brisbane summer wedding tips

  1. If you’re holding your ceremony indoors, check whether your venue has aircon or lots of windows to keep everyone cool and comfortable
  2. For ceremonies outdoors, check whether the ceremony area will be shady at the time of your wedding. Moving into the shade can drop the temperature by several degrees and make everyone’s day more comfortable
  3. It gets dark later in Summer, so having your ceremony later can mean cooler temperatures but still give you plenty of time to get fabulous photos
  4. Stay hydrated. Nobody wants the nagging headache that comes from not staying well hydrated on your wedding day. Drinking plain water is best, so ask your venue about a water station or provide bottles of water in a container of ice for your guests. Remember that you and your bridal party need to stay hydrated too
  5. How long will your guests have to wait in the sun? On super hot days, it’s better for your guests to wait in the shade and move into the ceremony area just a few minutes before the start of your ceremony
  6. Consider which way your guests are facing. On a hot day, staring into the sun can turn a ceremony into torture
  7. Parasols and folding fans don’t cost much but make a big difference to your guests’ comfort. A few dollars buying these at a discount store is money well spent
  8. Getting married at home is popular in summer. Most houses have plenty of cool spots for guests to relax in. This is particularly suited to smaller weddings

No one can guarantee great weather on your wedding day, but it’s easy to have a fabulous day at your wedding in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast despite the heat and humidity.

If you’re planning a wedding in a park, have a look at my blogs Brisbane Parks for Weddings and Parks and Gardens for Brisbane Weddings. Also check out my blogs about the City Botanic Gardens, the Roma Street Parkland and the Mt Coot-Tha Botanic Gardens. They’re all wonderful shady venues for beating the heat in a Brisbane Summer wedding.

For a Brisbane City celebrant with great ideas for beating the heat, CALL NOW.

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Photo courtesy of Catch Me Kiss Me Weddings