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Big Bridal Party

Big Bridal Party

Are You Planning to Have a Big Bridal Party

How many bridesmaids, brides men, groomsmen and groomsmaids is the right number? When is a big bridal party too big? The answer is: It’s up to you. Whether you decide to have no attendants at all, or lots of people to be with you and your partner on your wedding day, as long as you’re happy, you have chosen the right number of people for your support crew.

The Plus Side of a Big Bridal Party

  • It’s easier to choose your attendants, particularly if you have a big family and lots of friends. More people will be able to be a part of your special day and you won’t disappoint those who wouldn’t get chosen if you had fewer attendants or none at all
  • The workload can be shared. If your crew is organising a hens night or bucks party or other wedding events, the chores can be divided among more people

The Down Side of a Big Bridal Party

  • You can’t please all of the people all of the time, and if you have a lot of attendants, sometimes you might feel that you can’t please anyone! Making decisions about dresses, shoes, suits, etc. can be difficult with a small number of attendants. It can be even harder with a big bridal party. You will have to realise that there’s a chance that someone in your party will hate your colour scheme or the style of dress you choose. Hopefully, they will be tactful enough to keep their opinion to themselves
  • Costs can blow out. Everyone in your big bridal party needs to know exactly what you and your partner are paying for and what they will need to pay for themselves. Are you paying for bridesmaids dresses? What about suits? Flowers? Hair and makeup? The list goes on
  • Getting everyone to and from your ceremony and reception venues can be a logistical nightmare. If three members of the bridal party can travel between the ceremony and reception in one car, if you and your partner have 12 attendants each, you will need eight cars to carry them all – and that’s not counting you and your partner

Alternatives to a Big Bridal Party

If you have lots of relatives and friends who would like to be involved in your wedding, but you don’t want to have a big bridal party, there are lots of other ways in which they can play an important role in your day. Consider asking people to:

  • Do a reading at the ceremony
  • Open or close the ceremony with a prayer if you or your family is religious
  • Sing or play an instrument as you walk down the aisle or during the signing of the marriage documents
  • Be the witnesses for the signing of the marriage documents
  • Act as ushers on the day, showing people to their seats, handing out bags of petals, bottles of bubble mix or orders of service
  • MC your reception
  • Pour sand on behalf of your family and friends during a sand ceremony
  • Help with the “tying of the knot” if you’re having a hand fasting ceremony
  • Drive your wedding cars
  • Be the “minder” looking after flower girls and page boys who go to sit with family or friends after they walk down the aisle
  • Be the dog minder or horse wrangler during the wedding if your fur babies are taking part in your ceremony
  • Help with your wedding set up and pack down afterwards, especially if you are planning a DIY wedding
  • Make your wedding cake if you know a gifted baker
  • Help with the time consuming details such as writing names on place cards and organising wedding favours

Whether you have a big bridal party or none at all, you still need a celebrant to get married. CALL ME NOW.

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Photo by Junifer Tutavaha, J and Fin Studios