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There is no reason why your ceremony should follow the usual formalities and trends that are common everywhere, your love story is unique, so shouldn’t your wedding be unique too? If you have been thinking of having a unique wedding, consider going the

 Boho wedding

way. It is the perfect way to bring the different wedding ideas you have and combine them into one beautiful ceremony that everyone will enjoy.

Bohemian-themed weddings integrate a mix of rustic, traditional, and vintage elements into the design as well as the outfits, decorations, wedding cake, and reception venue.

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Bronwyn SalehYour own Boho wedding

Are you hearing about Boho weddings for the first time and feel it is something you would love to try? Or have you been secretly wanting a Boho wedding to match your wild and untamed spirit? I specialise in helping couples achieve their dream weddings whatever that may entail, and it is always my joy when they come back to say that the ceremony was just what they wanted.

As an experienced celebrant, I have had the chance to celebrate and officiate many types of weddings, with the Bohemian-themed weddings among my all-time favorite!

DIY features

One characteristic of a Boho wedding is the decorations. From flower arrangements to menu choices and furniture for, the Boho spirit is always present. One of the most well-represented features of a Bohemian wedding is the relaxed and casual attire of all involved. That includes the happy couple! If the thought of walking down the aisle in your favourite pair of Chucks, or even with your barefoot in the earth, is appealing, then a Boho wedding sounds ideal for you.

To discuss your unique boho ideas, budget, and tastes, please reach out and chat with me today!

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