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Wedding Ceremonies in Brisbane and Beyond

Bridal Fairs in Brisbane

Bridal fairs

Bridal Fairs

Bridal fairs and wedding expos are different names for similar events. There are lots of them held in Brisbane every year. If you’re planning a wedding, they can be a great place to find high quality vendors, but bridal fairs can also be overwhelming and confusing.

Big Bridal Fairs

Big bridal fairs in Brisbane are often held close to the centre of the city, in places like the Royal International Convention Centre at the RNA Showgrounds, the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in South Brisbane or some of the larger inner city hotels.

Many wedding vendors providing an astonishing array of goods and services exhibit at the big bridal fairs. Faced with a plethora of celebrants, photographers, wedding planners, etc., sometimes the big fairs can seem overwhelming and it’s possible to spend a lot of time there without finding what you’re looking for.

Small Local Bridal Fairs

Local bridal fairs in Brisbane are often held in smaller suburban venues such as hotel function rooms or halls. Despite fewer wedding providers being present, there are usually plenty of goods and services on show; however, fewer vendors in each category means fewer chances to compare the products on offer.

Making the Most of Bridal Fairs

Whether the bridal fair you attend is big or small, to get the greatest benefit from your day, you need to have a plan.

  • Are you looking at everything or are you searching for specific types of vendors? If you are just starting to plan your wedding, you might want to have a look at everyone attending to see what’s available; if you’re already planning, you might be looking for specific goods and services
  • Don’t get distracted. Particularly with large bridal fairs in Brisbane, it’s possible to lose your focus and get sidetracked by things you don’t really need. For example, you might concentrate on finding a celebrant or checking out wedding dresses or suits and not look at venues or photographers if you already have those organised
  • Talk with as many vendors in the categories you need as you can. Where else are you going to find so many high quality vendors together in one place
  • Many vendors will either offer discounts or add value to their products at bridal fairs so check out their special offers
  • If you are interested in a particular vendor, don’t try to have super long chats with them amidst the noise and bustle of the bridal fair. Ask for their contact details and make an appointment to chat with them another day

Alternatives to Bridal Fairs in Brisbane

Many high quality vendors don’t exhibit at bridal fairs because they are expensive and time consuming to attend. These vendors choose to advertise their products and services in other ways. You might find exactly what you want at a bridal fair, but unless you feel you can’t live without something on offer, it’s definitely worth checking out other vendors as well.

In addition to bridal fairs, search for your wedding providers online and check them out on FaceBook. Ask other couples for the names of vendors they were happy with. Check out wedding magazines and directories such as Wedding Qld, Easy Weddings, Celebrante and Your Local Wedding Guide that allow you to compare several vendors and contact those that interest you.

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Photo by Eve Wheeler, Photography2envy