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Children in Your Wedding

Including children in your wedding

Children are (Usually) Cute

Maybe not everyone would agree with this statement, but most of the time, including children in your wedding pushes the cute factor through the roof. Picture fairy-like flower girls in princess dresses and page boys dressed to the nines for your big day. Cute? Of course they’re cute!

Roles for Children in Your Wedding

People immediately think of flower girls and page boys when someone mentions weddings. There are many other ways to include children in your wedding as well.

  • Flower girls and page boys usually walk in with the bride and bridesmaids. They are often the first of the bridal party to walk down the aisle. If they are very young or shy, they can walk down with older siblings or with the bridesmaids
  • Junior bridesmaids and junior groomsmen are great for including older children in your wedding. The junior bridesmaid is often dressed in the same colour as the adult bridesmaids but in a style appropriate for their age. Junior groomsmen usually stand with the adult groomsmen. They are often dressed like their adult counterparts
  • Ring bearers look after the all-important wedding rings. They carry the rings in a ring box or bag, tied securely to a satin ring cushion, in “Ring Security” cases… the possibilities are endless. If you’re afraid that the ring bearer might lose the wedding rings, an adult holds the real rings while the ring bearer carries fake rings just for show
  • Instead of the traditional “giving away” by an adult, even the youngest children can walk their parents down the aisle and answer questions like, “Billy, would you like your mummy and daddy to get married?” or “Sally, do you want your mum to marry Sam?”
  • There are lots of other roles for children in your wedding. Older children can be ushers. They can hand out bottles of bubble mix and bags of petals to use at the end of the ceremony

Kids Will Be Kids

Children are unpredictable. Occasionally children in your wedding will steal the show without meaning to. Flower girls cry sometimes. Page boys somersault down the aisle. Ring bearers suddenly feel shy. Relax and don’t worry! Kids at weddings are so cute that nobody will mind if they don’t behave perfectly.

Young children get bored quickly. Make sure the little ones can sit with a relative or friend during the ceremony. Remember to give them hugs when they walk down the aisle – it’s a big day for them too!

Vows, Certificates and Ceremonies

A great way to include children is to sign a family certificate after you and your partner sign the official marriage certificates. You can also make a vow to your children to love them, guide them, etc. after you have made your wedding vows. Remember the classic ways of including children in your wedding – sand ceremonies, tree planting ceremonies and other ceremonies that can include the whole family. Ask your celebrant for some more ideas.

If you want to include your fur-children in your wedding, have a look at my blog Dogs at Weddings in Brisbane.

I have lots of ideas for including children in your wedding. CALL ME NOW to have a chat.

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Photo by Sarah Taylor of Fire n Honey Images