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Chinese Weddings

For many people, the word ‘wedding’ brings up images of flowing white dresses and cute flower girls among other traditional wedding touches. But, with a large Chinese population in Queensland, there are also those who dream of a traditional

 Chinese wedding

 with games, tea ceremonies and a focus on the role of supportive and loving family members. I have been blessed to have helped officiate numerous Chinese weddings over the years and have provided a personalised ceremony in places as far reaching as Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Byron Bay can expect.

I absolutely appreciate that Chinese weddings are not necessarily about the couple getting married. But they are about the whole family and celebrating the individuals who nurtured the couple throughout their lives, with a particular focus on the elders of the bride and groom!

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Bronwyn SalehRespecting Chinese wedding traditions

Not only do I help to officiate a ceremony that does justice to the enormous gratitude owed to friends, family and parents, but I ensure all legalities are taken care of. This is especially helpful for those who may struggle with language difficulties and require a little helping hand to get the paperwork over the line. In my experience, paperwork is among the top things overlooked in Chinese weddings. In Australia, the law requires that you sign a Notice Of Intent To Marry (NOIM) form at least a month before the date of the wedding. This kind of paperwork can quickly turn into a printed nightmare, but not to worry as I can help with all of that!

Traditional Chinese weddings throughout Queensland

I’m happy to work with interpretation and translation services if you bring them, to ensure everyone present can soak up the love. After all, love knows no language barriers, so why should your guests! I make sure that both conventional western practices and Chinese traditions are included in your ceremony where requested to ensure that each member of your family feels respected as well as welcome, which is particularly important for couples coming from different cultural backgrounds.

Are you in need of a Chinese wedding celebrant in Queensland? Please get in touch so we can chat about your customs and make your day one to remember!

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