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Choosing Wedding Shoes

Choosing Wedding Shoes

Choosing Wedding Shoes Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Bronwyn Saleh

Choosing wedding shoes can be a problem. Should you buy a pair that look stunning but might not be comfortable or should you make comfort your priority?  What are the best shoes for your wedding?

The short answer is: whatever shoes you like!

Choosing Wedding Shoes

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing wedding shoes, but there are a few things to think about before you buy:

Choosing Wedding Shoes To Wear All Night

First of all, think about the style of wedding you will be having. Will it be a dressed-up affair  or would you prefer it to be casual and relaxed?

If your ceremony or photos are outdoors, choosing wedding shoes with a chunky heel or opting for flats might be practical so that you don’t sink into the grass.  If you are getting married on the beach, maybe bare feet or a pair of gorgeous barefoot sandals might be just perfect.

If you’re planning to dance the night away at your reception, make sure your shoes are comfortable. Sore feet will spoil your fun.

Choosing wedding shoes that are super stylish to wear at your ceremony and for your photos and then swapping them for comfortable shoes for the party afterwards might be a great way to combine glamour with comfort.

Choosing Wedding Shoes To Reflect Your Style

Finally, choose shoes you love. Your choice of shoes makes a statement about who you are. I have married brides wearing ballet flats and brides with towering high heels, in Doc Martens and barefoot sandals and high-top sneakers and cowboy boots. No matter what shoes you choose, if you love them and they are comfortable, they are the perfect shoes for you.

For more information about choosing wedding shoes that are perfect for you, have look at my other wedding shoes blog.

I dress to fit in with the theme of your wedding, so whether you want a celebrant wearing high heels or a celebrant with sneakers, CALL ME NOW.

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