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Classic Wedding Cars

Classic wedding cars

Classic Wedding Cars

Brides are creative people and they think of some great ways to get to their weddings.

I have seen brides ride in on horseback, motor up in golf buggies, cruise in on boats, make an entrance on Harley Davidsons, rock up in Kombi vans and arrive at their ceremonies in all kinds of cars.

Cleaned and polished with care, most of those cars were driven with pride by a friend or family member of the happy couple.

Take it to the next level

If you want to splash out on luxury transport to your wedding, why not opt to arrive in classic wedding cars?

These classic wedding cars are collectors items, kept in perfect condition for very special occasions. Mostly, they are huge, whisper quiet and comfortable.

The car comes with a smartly dressed driver. Every little detail is attended to, from the red carpet, rolled out before the bride steps out of the car, to providing champagne and nibbles for the passengers.

Classic wedding car prices

All this luxury comes at a price. Not all couples can justify the expense of hiring such opulent vehicles, especially if they have a big bridal party. But for couples who want to make an impression, arriving in classic wedding cars ensures many happy wedding day memories and some fabulous photos.

A classic wedding car will get you to your ceremony, but you need a celebrant to marry you once you arrive. CALL ME NOW

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