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Destination Weddings

What does your dream wedding look like to you? Is it somewhere secluded, perhaps on a quiet beach with waves lapping the sand? Or, is it in a tropical destination that’s exotic and exciting and represents your sense of fun and adventure? For some couples, a wedding is a chance to go the extra mile, literally! If your dream wedding is a destination wedding, please allow me to help add the final touches of a professional, relaxed and loving celebrant! Destination weddings are huge in 2018, and for good reason, yours could be next!

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Bronwyn SalehWhy destination weddings are so popular

For couples who come from different countries or cultural backgrounds, a destination wedding can bridge the gap between countries. No one wants to get married without their nearest and dearest present, so a destination wedding ensures everyone gets to be there for your big day!

Then again, destination weddings also suit those who want to express their love with a little extra excitement and energy. What’s better than hitting the airport to head to your wedding? Touching down in some exotic location knowing you were on holidays AND getting married. That’s what I call a win-win!

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Destination weddings are becoming popular as couples, especially young couples, see the benefits of a destination wedding. These kind of weddings are best for people who opt to hold their weddings away from their hometowns. Plus, the best destination weddings mean you get to celebrate the wedding and your honeymoon at the same place, which saves time and money! If you’ve got a love for travel and adventure, a destination wedding would be a wonderful choice for you!

As an experienced celebrant, I also handle same-sex weddings, paperwork only weddings and elopements.

Is a destination wedding on your mind? Please reach out and get in touch so we can discuss the logistics and make your wedding even more spectacular than you imagined!

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