DIY Wedding Ceremonies

DIY Weddings

As a couple, the style and set-up of your wedding is entirely up to you. The planning and activities of the actual day depend on what you decide to do and what values you hold dear, with my celebrant services accommodating all peoples and beliefs. But outside of this there is so much scope for creative wedding planning! Maybe you’d like to save on the costs of decorating by providing the decorations yourself? Or would you like to host the ceremony and reception? If you fancy your hand as a

 DIY wedding

 planner and want to experience the amazing savings that come with a DIY wedding, then the ‘do it yourself’ style is right up your alley!

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Bronwyn SalehWedding invitations

Save money by making your own wedding invitations! You can design your wedding invitation cards using the paper type that best appeals to you, the more creative the better. The good thing about creating your wedding invitations is that you can personalise the message and reach out to your guests on a personal level.

Wedding program

Coming up with your own wedding program helps you plan the day in any way you like. You can spend as much or as little time doing, well, anything! Want to spend time at home and incorporate a backyard wedding? Or maybe you’d like a beach wedding with all your own decorations? A Do It Yourself wedding puts you in charge!

Wedding decorations

Having worked with young couples looking to save money with a creative DIY wedding, the following ideas always amaze me:

  • Cork lids converted into beautiful card holders
  • Chalkboard Mason Jars coated with your colour of choice, you can fill them with flowers to create a rustic wedding piece
  • Mr. and Mrs. table cards for guests coming in as a couple
  • Wooden table numbers perfect for barn weddings, adding a rustic touch to the reception

These and among many others are creative DIY wedding ideas that you may want to incorporate into your special day. If you’ve got any ideas floating in your head or want to enquire about your own DIY wedding, please give me a call!

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