Eco Wedding

Eco Wedding Ceremonies is a wonderful way to do your bit to help our planet. But for many, the thought can be a little off-putting. After all, you don’t want to sacrifice any of the small wedding touches that you’ve long dreamt about. Well that’s the best part about having an

eco wedding

, it’s actually easier than you think to make the environmentally conscious choice without sacrificing any of the romance or beauty!

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Bronwyn SalehEco friendly wedding venues

Your choice of venue can go a long way towards an eco wedding that’s both socially conscious and still up to the standards of beauty you want on your big day. One of the simplest ways to minimise energy usage is to get married outside. Having worked with many clients in the most wonderful backyard wedding settings I can safely say the intimate vibe and feeling of togetherness is simply unmatched. Queensland is home to many botanic gardens, hidden parklands, and open spaces where the natural light and natural surrounds make for a wonderful rustic feel. This is especially the case for beach weddings which use few resources, but make a powerful and stunning visual statement. For a final eco wedding tip, by holding the ceremony and reception at the same location you’ll save on transport costs too!

The digital touch

If you want to go green, then going digital is a great step.

While the most obvious is to use digital photography, which means no film or chemicals, you’d be hard pressed to find many weddings that still use traditional photography. You can take your digital footprint to the next level though by sending email RSVP’s and email ‘save the date’ communications.

For many Queenslanders, going green is a lifestyle choice that is near and dear to their hearts. As a wedding celebrant I’m passionate about combining the personal values of my clients with their wedding ceremony, whatever type of wedding that may be, so helping with an eco wedding that has a minimal footprint on the environment is important to me.

If you’d considering a green wedding, please reach out so we can have a chat about your vision and how we can work together to create a stunning, memorable and eco friendly wedding!

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