Fiance visa letters

It’s often said that ‘love knows no boundaries’, which is especially true if you and your partner are from different countries but want to plan a married life together! As a non-Australian, following your

Notice of Intention To Marry


you’ll also require a fiance visa letters to marry an Australian citizen. If you’re in the midst of planning an Aussie wedding as a citizen of another country, it’s highly likely the Department of Immigration will soon ask you for a fiance visa letter to support your prospective marriage visa application. If this is the case you’ll need a celebrant to provide that fiance visa letter and that’s where I can help!

Wedding visa steps

A fiance visa letter can be written as soon as you have lodged your Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM) form with a celebrant.

If you choose to use my services you’ll need to complete your NOIM form with your signatures witnessed by an authorised individual. Luckily, I can play that role for you too!

Once your NOIM is complete you can leave it with me and I’ll write your fiance visa letter for you, it’s that simple!

It’s worth noting that your NOIM is valid for the following 18 months from the day it’s given to me, so you have ample time to plan your dream wedding. If you have any ideas on that front yet, from a simple backyard wedding to a romantic beach wedding, or a wonderfully chic boho wedding, I would be happy to help.

Many young couples have found it a challenge to work out the details of their required wedding visa, so I make things as transparent and simple as possible. I can even write you a fiance visa letter with just one of your signatures on the NOIM form if your partner is overseas. I will need correspondences from your partner to confirm their intention to marry, but outside that I make the process straightforward and stress free.

If you require any more information on the legalities behind fiance visa weddings, Notice of Intention to Marry forms, or any other type of ceremony, please reach out and we can find the best solution for you today!

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