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Getting Married at Home

Getting married at Home

Weddings at Home

Getting married at home is an increasingly popular trend. Couples opt for getting married at home for a number of reasons. Weddings at home can be romantic, memorable and budget-friendly but can also be quite challenging.

To plan a successful wedding at home, you either need to be a superb organiser or have a friend or family member who would just love to help with your wedding planning. An eye for detail is a big asset, to make sure that the million small things that can affect your enjoyment of the day are attended to andĀ the day goes smoothly. Here are some points to consider:

Think About the Basics

Is your house and yard large enough to fit all your guests? If not, will you need to prune your guest list or do you have a good friend or family member who is willing to lend their house for your big day? Maybe hiring a hall would be an option if you don’t have enough space at home. Is ample parking available? Do you need to arrange visitor parking permits for your guests? This is particularly important if you live in an inner suburb where local councils can be strict about enforcing resident-only parking.

Tell your neighbours that you are getting married at home. Most neighbours are considerate and you are less likely to end up with complaints about noise or parking if you give them a heads-up about your wedding. They’re also less likely to schedule noisy activities like lawn mowing if they know the date and time of your wedding.

Do you have enough bathrooms to cope with your guests’ needs? You might need to factor the cost of Portaloos into your wedding budget if your house is small and your guest list is large.

What If It Rains

If you’re planning to have your ceremony or your reception outdoors, you need to have a Plan B in case of rain or extreme heat. Can your ceremony be moved indoors or onto a covered verandah? Is your yard large enough to pitch a marquee so your reception can go ahead rain or shine?

Food, Glorious Food

There are many choices for catering when you are getting married at home. Hiring a catering company is convenient as their workers usually do all the cooking and the cleanup afterwards, but, depending on your menu, might not be the most budget-friendly option. Food trucks are a great choice for home weddings, particularly if your style is relaxed and casual. The food is usually delicious and you don’t have to cook or clean up afterwards.

If you’re going to do your own catering, planning ahead and making as much of the food as possible beforehand will relieve some of the pressure on you on your wedding day. Maybe some family members or friends will offer to help with the cooking or be responsible for heating, serving and cleaning up on the day. Depending on the number of guests and the size of your refrigerator, you might have to consider hiring a portable cold room for a couple of days.

Do You Have Enough of Everything

It’s likely that your guests will want to sit down as some stage during the day. Do you have enough chairs? What about tables? Hiring tables and chairs can be expensive, so if you love the eclectic look of mismatched furniture, ask your friends and neighbours if you can borrow what you need.

What about plates, glasses and cutlery? This can be quite tricky – you probably don’t own enough for every guest, buying or hiring is expensive and borrowing can be fraught with difficulties, especially if anything that doesn’t belong to you gets broken on the day.

Disposable plastic plates and glasses and throwaway cutlery are an easy option but ultimately, a poor choice for our planet. You might consider bamboo instead of plastic. It costs a little more, but cleaning up is easy and bamboo is more environmentally friendly than plastic.

What About Your Pets

Your fur babies probably aren’t used to meeting all your friends and family at once and might find your wedding day very stressful. Is there a quiet spot for your animals away from the festivities? If not, perhaps you could consider a night or two in boarding kennels or a cattery, or let your pets stay at a friend’s house while you celebrate. However, if they’re up to it, pets at your wedding can be a wonderful addition to your celebrations.

Spic and Span

Getting married at home means that your house and garden are going to appear in your wedding photos, so start getting them clean and tidy well before the big day. Get rid of your junk, trim the shrubs and weed the gardens, spruce up shabby spots with a lick of paint. It might be worth organising a cleaning crew, either professionals or willing volunteers, to clean and tidy your house before your wedding and afterwards.


After all your hard work, getting married at home means that you can have a wonderful day, in a place you love, surrounded by the people who are most important to you. Enjoy it!

And finally, remember that you still need a celebrant to marry you. No celebrant means that you are just planning a party.

I have conducted lots of at-home weddings. For a friendly celebrant to make your wedding at home beautiful and memorableĀ CALL ME NOW.

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