Industrial Wedding Ceremonies

Industrial Wedding Ceremonies

Industrial Wedding Ceremonies have changed so much over the years. While a traditional wedding was once the dream of many, with the evolving styles of the younger generation, an

 industrial chic

 style has become a popular choice for its striking photographic options and the blank canvas it provides to make every wedding totally unique. An industrial wedding may sound strange at first, but with powerful contrasting colours and huge spaces to be moulded for your guests, the results are simply magnificent.

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Bronwyn SalehWhere will your warehouse wedding be?

With experience comes the ability to handle all sorts of unique weddings, from same-sex marriages and paperwork only weddings to cost-saving eco weddings.

One of the additional options for weddings that I provide is industrial weddings. The term ‘industrial’ is a wonderful umbrella term that includes a huge range of dazzling spaces. Think industrial warehouses, raw materials, polished concrete and vast open spaces all ready to host your big day.

Industrial Wedding Ceremonies

The industrial theme is gaining huge acceptance in weddings in 2018 as more and more couples are realising the unique spaces can be designed to suit their unique personalities. Themes incorporating polished concrete pavements, exposed beams and exposed brick walls are all striking and when it’s time for the wedding photos you’ll wonder how you ever contemplated anything else!

Most industrial spaces contain energy that allows for immense creative decoration. The decorations can be in the form of vintage industrial furniture, fairy lights or floral arrangements. One unique feature of industrial spaces is that they can be affordably decorated and still look amazing.

If you feel an industrial wedding is right for you, please reach out and share your ideas with me so we can see how we could work towards your vision together!

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