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Maori Wedding in Brisbane

Maori wedding

You’re Planning a Maori Wedding in Brisbane

Is it possible to have a Maori wedding in Brisbane? Kia ora and congratulations! You’re engaged and now it’s time to start planning your wedding. If you have Maori heritage, including elements of Maori culture in your wedding is very easy.

A Maori Wedding Is Family Oriented

A Maori wedding is a chance for families to come together to celebrate. From the most respected elders to the youngest children, a Maori wedding in Brisbane is a time for extended family and friends to socialise and enjoy some quality time together.

Recognising Your Maori Heritage

While many couples plan a fairly traditional western style wedding, it’s quite easy to combine the best of both worlds by recognising and adding elements of your Maori heritage to make your ceremony memorable and meaningful.

  • If you’re lucky enough to own korowai, or garments made of flax, they can look amazing at a Maori wedding. The men involved in your wedding would look sensational in traditional dress
  • Maori ladies who don’t want to wear completely traditional dress look fabulous with their western style wedding dresses or bridesmaids’ dresses complimented by traditional cloaks
  • Simpler styles of wedding dress can have traditional designs embroidered on them, turning ordinary dresses into unique and gorgeous creations
  • If your ceremony is being conducted in English, consider asking someone fluent in Maori to welcome your guests in that language at the start of your ceremony or to say a prayer in Maori
  • Instead of, or in addition to, wedding rings, consider exchanging taongas between you and your beloved. It’s super easy for a celebrant to add exchanging taongas to a Maori wedding ceremony
  • Say your vows then wrap korowai around each other’s shoulders, symbolising how your love will surround each other for the rest of your lives
  • Include a time near the end of your ceremony for guests to come forward to present you with gifts. Alternatively, choose the western option of receiving gifts or having a wishing well at your reception
  • Remember the hongi. Touch noses at the end of your Maori wedding ceremony as a beautiful and intimate gesture of love and respect
  • Plan a Maori feast for your reception

A wedding should be fun, so as long as the legal bits are present, you can choose to honour your Maori heritage through songs, dancing, feasting and adding as many or as few elements of Maori culture to your ceremony as you like.

I don’t have Maori heritage, but I love Maori weddings in Brisbane and have married many Maori couples. CALL ME NOW to talk to a celebrant who respects and honours all cultures.

Photo courtesy of Catch Me Kiss Me Weddings

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