Cultural Wedding Ceremonies

Multicultural Weddings

Everyone loves their culture, and there’s no better way for a couple to honor their cultural heritage than by incorporating elements of their customs and traditions in their wedding ceremony. A

cultural wedding is an excellent way of enhancing the uniqueness of your big day and ensuring that it will remain engraved in the memories of your loved ones forever.

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Bronwyn SalehBringing cultural wedding traditions to life

Some of the cultural elements you can choose to incorporate into your wedding include wearing traditional wedding outfits, using ethnic wedding decorations, serving traditional meals, and incorporating your cultural customs and traditions into your ceremony. Blending traditional weddings with a unique cultural spin is a great way to celebrate the lives of couples from contrasting cultural backgrounds

Although a well-organised traditional wedding is the dream of many couples, wading through the planning process is a huge task even for accomplished planners. Being a professional wedding celebrant, I can offer different options and ideas to make your custom wedding a success. I will ensure your wedding reflects your personalities, heritage, and wishes.

I have conducted weddings incorporating elements of Chinese, Indian, Maori, Persian and many other cultures. Whether you decide to have a Hindu garland exchange, to present your beloved with a Maori taonga instead of a wedding ring or to have sugar cones grated onto a canopy above your heads in the Persian tradition, can be assured your special rituals and ancient traditions are incorporated in the ceremony. I always allow my couples to make special requests to ensure that they have the wedding of their dreams. For instance, you can ask me to greet your guests in a language of your choice.

Ensuring your cultural needs are met

To make the occasion meaningful to you and as culturally rich as possible, I will happily research the wedding customs of your culture and attempt to find appropriate readings and blessings to use in your ceremony.

You are also welcome to say your wedding vows in your own language, although I will ask you to either say the legal vow in English or to provide an accredited translator who will translate your vows faithfully into English so that I can understand them and ensure that your ceremony meets all the requirements for you to be validly married in Australia.

Contact me and we will have a meeting where you can express all your desires for the big day. Interested in a vineyard wedding or rustic decor to match your cultural needs? You don’t need to worry if you want to have a unique and stunning custom wedding ceremony – I will help you have the wedding you’ve always envisioned.

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