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Rain on Your Wedding Day on the Gold Coast

Rain on your wedding day on the Gold Coast

Rain on Your Wedding Day on the Gold Coast

Most couples wish for perfect weather for their special day. Everyone loves sunshine, but sometimes the weather just doesn’t play along. What if you get rain on your wedding day on the Gold Coast?

The News Isn’t All Bad

There are some good points about it raining on your wedding day.

  • Even in the middle of a humid Gold Coast summer, rain refreshes the air and drops the temperature
  • Rain settles allergens like dust and pollen. This is good news for anyone with asthma or hay fever
  • Fresh flower bouquets look fresh for longer
  • Your photographer will get some amazing and atmospheric photos, particularly if the rain stops and you are able to go outdoors for photos

The News Isn’t All Good Either

Of course, there’s a downside if it’s raining on your wedding day.

  •  You must have a Plan B if your ceremony is outdoors. If your ceremony is outdoors and your reception is at the same venue, it will almost certainly have a wet weather, undercover option. If your ceremony is in a park or garden, or at the beach, you must have an indoor alternative ceremony location that you can use if you get rain on your wedding day on the Gold Coast
  • Umbrellas are great for a light shower. A downpour will soak your guests despite their umbrellas, so you need to make the decision early enough so that everyone, including your celebrant, can arrive at the alternative venue in plenty of time
  • Wet weather can wreck hairstyles. It’s harder to keep intricate bridal dos looking fabulous in damp weather. Simple styles and lots of hairspray might help
  • If you are able to have photos outside after rain, remember that the ground might be wet and soggy. Shoes with spiky heels can sink and hems of gowns get muddy

I’m a celebrant who usually is really lucky with the weather, so CALL ME NOW.

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Photo by Jason Starr, Studio 60 Photography at Sirromet Wines, Mt Cotton