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Wedding Ceremonies in Brisbane and Beyond

Same Sex Weddings in Brisbane

Same Sex Weddings

Same Sex Weddings in Brisbane

It’s been a long wait, it’s legal and it’s wonderful! After years of debate, Australians overwhelmingly voted YES for same sex weddings in 2017. Since then, lots of same sex couples have taken the plunge and confirmed their love for each other by formalising their relationship by marrying.

Easy to Organise Same Sex Weddings in Brisbane

Same sex weddings in Brisbane are just as easy to arrange as any other wedding ceremony. Once you have chosen your date and have a venue in mind, your next step is to find the perfect celebrant.

Celebrants for Same Sex Weddings

You have to feel comfortable with your celebrant. Are they approachable? Do they listen to what you want and write a ceremony especially for you and your true love or are they trying to sell you a one-size-fits-all ceremony that’s easy for them but doesn’t reflect who you are? Do they have lots of good ideas and suggestions for turning your ceremony into something unique and amazing?

An Experienced Same Sex Weddings Celebrant

I’m a great choice to officiate at your wedding. I have already married several same sex couples and have more same sex weddings in Brisbane booked. I’m well organised beforehand so that I’m relaxed and laid-back on your wedding day. When we meet, I will ask you a LOT of questions so that your ceremony is written specially for you and will be exactly what you and your partner want.

I always have all the necessary paperwork with me so you don’t need to worry about downloading anything. I have been part of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Qld online marriage registration program since it began, so I submit your paperwork the same day as your wedding and your marriage is usually registered within a few days.

Talk to an experienced celebrant who adds imagination and fun to same sex weddings in Brisbane. CALL ME NOW.

Photo by Eve Wheeler, Photography2envy

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