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Shorncliffe Wedding

Shorncliffe wedding

Why Choose a Shorncliffe Wedding

A Shorncliffe wedding is really special. It’s just north of Brisbane Airport, but Shorncliffe has a gorgeous old fashioned feeling and loads of charm. A trip to Shorncliffe feels a bit like stepping back in time to the days when wealthy people came here from Brisbane for their holidays.

One of the best things about Shorncliffe is the pier. It juts out into the calm waters of Moreton Bay and is a popular photo spot for Shorncliffe weddings.

Moora Park is a popular spot for Shorncliffe weddings. The park is split in two. The upper section sits on top of the cliffs near the beach. There is a grassy area that will fit 100 guests easily and a cute little rotunda that is great for smaller weddings or as a place for the signing table at a larger ceremony. This spot can be booked from the Brisbane City Council website.

The lower section of Moora Park is at the bottom of the cliffs, right by the beach. It’s beautiful and has great facilities with an excellent playground to keep your littlest guests happy. There are huge shady trees. But remember – it is BUSY at weekends! This part of Moora Park can’t be booked. If you’re planning a beachside Shorncliffe wedding, get someone to go and sit in your chosen spot bright and early. People arrive early in the morning for picnics and often stay all day. Moora Park has plenty of free parking.

Two Great Venues

The Full Moon Hotel is a popular reception venue. It’s at Sandgate, but only a few blocks from Moora Park. It’s a very short drive away, or an easy walk for  guests with comfortable shoes and lots of energy. The Full Moon is known for its casual pub grub food, but it also has an elegant dining room that is perfect for Shorncliffe weddings.

The Queensland Cruising Yacht Club is the home of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race. It has wonderful views across Moreton Bay and is great for all kinds of weddings. The QCYC has several function areas and provides sit down meals as well as cocktail style events.

If a Shorncliffe wedding isn’t your style, there are lots of other Bayside wedding options to choose from. Have a look at my blogs about weddings at Redcliffe, Suttons Beach and Scarborough. If you’re a southsider, a wedding at Cleveland or Manly might be perfect for you.

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Photo by Catch me Kiss Me Weddings.