Traditional Wedding

Traditional Wedding Planning a wedding can include a lot of decision making – like a DIY wedding, or it can just as easily involve very few decisions – with a simple garden or beach wedding. If you’d like a storybook wedding that you’ve seen in TV shows and movies then a traditional wedding will suit you perfectly, and best of all, with so many traditional options to embrace you won’t have to worry about endless decision making, but you will still get to enjoy the beauty and romance of the day!

Traditional wedding

Although there are many aspects of a traditional wedding that take care of themselves, like the beautiful white dress and the bridal party moments, that’s not to say you don’t still have a variety of personal touches you can make. Your wedding ceremony should be something that is a reflection of you as a couple. So if you’ve got some creative concepts, I’d love to hear them!

Wow with your wedding vow

As an experienced civil celebrant I can supply extensive resources to help you in preparing for your wedding including vows, poems and readings. If you plan to have a traditional marriage ceremony that leans towards your heritage, you are free to incorporate your traditions into the ceremony. I will make sure to add all values and beliefs into every part of your day, whether that’s a touch of another language or poetry to reflect your cultural heritage. These touches are added to make your ceremony as rich and beautifully designed as possible.

With unlimited phone calls, emails and meetings, I offer a personalised traditional wedding ceremony service to suit your needs and that reflects your personality. After all, this day is all about you!

If you’d like to say “I Do” with all the classic extras attached, then you’ll need a civil celebrant who understands the importance of combining tradition with your love story. To see how I can make your traditional ceremony incredible reach out and let’s speak today!

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