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Wedding Ceremonies in Brisbane and Beyond

Vietnamese Wedding Brisbane

Vietnamese Wedding Brisbane

Planning a Vietnamese Wedding in Brisbane

Planning a wedding can be stressful at any time, but trying to combine western wedding traditions and customs from another culture can be super difficult. Luckily, I’m a Brisbane Wedding Celebrant with lots of experience helping people blend their Vietnamese wedding customs with traditional western style weddings.

I’m happy to work with interpreters and translators to ensure that all the marriage documents are completed correctly because my couples need to understand all of the paperwork. I also enjoy working with a translator during the ceremony to ensure that the guests understand and enjoy the wedding.

Saying vows in Vietnamese

Saying your vows in Vietnamese is fine. It’s perfectly legal as long as you have a competent interpreter. They will translate the vows from English into Vietnamese then translate the vows you are making back into English for me as I don’t speak Vietnamese.

Family at Vietnamese Weddings 

Family is very important in Vietnamese culture, and the elders of the bride and groom must be shown respect. Using an interpreter to translate the most important parts of the ceremony into Vietnamese ensures that all family members can understand and enjoy the ceremony, even if they don’t speak English.

Vietnamese Wedding Celebrant

I don’t have Vietnamese heritage, but I love the challenge and excitement of blending Asian and western elements to create a beautiful and unique wedding ceremony written specially for you and your partner.

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For a Brisbane Wedding Celebrant who cares about your Vietnamese cultural requirements, CALL ME.

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