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Wedding Cake Dos and Don’ts

Wedding cake

Wedding Cake – A Sweet Tradition

There are very few “must haves” at a wedding reception. Couples can choose their own venue, menu and decorations to create a perfect celebration that reflects their unique style. One thing that you will see at almost every reception is the wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Dos and Don’ts

  1. Do work out a budget for your cake and try to stick to it
  2. Do consider the size of your wedding cake. Unless you choose a rich fruit cake that keeps well, your cake will need to be eaten within a couple days of your wedding. Make sure you allow enough for every guest to get a slice, but there’s no point throwing away uneaten cake a day or two later. If you’re having your wedding cake for dessert, the slices will need to be bigger than if you are serving other desserts and having wedding cake as an extra treat
  3. Don’t choose your cake before finalising the major style details for your wedding. If your wedding theme is classic and elegant, you will probably choose a different cake than you would for a rustic, country style celebration. Make sure your cake fits in with your colour scheme – ribbon, flowers and the cake topper can all reflect your unique style
  4. Do discuss cake flavours with your baker beforehand. Most cake makers will provide taste tests so that you can try different flavours. Make sure you choose flavours that you and your partner like. Be adventurous – there are lots more flavours than just chocolate and vanilla
  5. Do choose the icing carefully. Buttercream is delicious, but can melt in Queensland’s hot weather unless your venue is air-conditioned. Fondant looks amazing and is less likely to be affected by heat. It can be coloured and shaped into flowers and cute cake decorations. Ganache is a decadent, luxurious that is a chocaholic’s dream come true, but it can also be affected by hot weather
  6. Do think about your wedding cake decorations. Decorations such as flowers or fruit made from fondant or marzipan look great, but, being handmade, will add to the cost of your cake. Think about using fresh flowers (talk to your florist when ordering your bouquets) and ribbons to trim your cake. Cake toppers can be bought ready made or you can have almost anything custom made and laser cut from plastic or mirror
  7. Do organise how and when your wedding cake will be delivered to your venue. Check with the venue to make sure that it is stored appropriately until just before your reception. Also check whether the venue provides a knife for the cake cutting or whether you need to provide one
  8. Don’t hide your cake away. Your wedding cake is a beautiful addition to your reception. Make sure it’s on a table where your guests can see it and the light is good for those all-important cake cutting photos

Photo by Eve Wheeler, Catch Me Kiss Me Weddings

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