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Brisbane Weddings

When should we book our Wedding Celebrant?

My calendar fills up fast so sooner rather than later would be the best option to avoid disappointment! Keep in mind, venue, celebrant and photographers are the top three when it comes to order of booking.

How should I choose my marriage Celebrant?

This is a great question, as you should be able to connect with your celebrant, feel comfortable with them and trust that they will deliver the type of ceremony you had envisioned. I think it is a good starting point to look at testimonials and photos, and if you can picture yourself being in the place of the smiling faces you see then it’s a great place to start. I just had a couple say to me this morning after sending them a draft of a paragraph I wanted to run by them, ’Bronwyn it feels like you have known us for years’. That made my day and it is what I strive for with all of my couples!

My wedding isn’t in Brisbane, do you do wedding ceremonies outside of Brisbane?

Absolutely! I travel to the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Redcliffe and even Byron Bay when love calls me. I would love to help you plan the perfect wedding ceremony so please contact me to discuss any ideas you may have. And though there are additional fees for location weddings, I’m always happy to help couples who want to go the extra mile.

How long does a wedding ceremony go for?

My ceremonies are usually around 18 -20 minutes long and if you include readings then 25-30 minutes is a ballpark figure. I believe this is the longest time you can comfortably hold people’s attention and if it goes longer than that then it just becomes words going in one ear and out the other. My philosophy is that wedding ceremonies should be fun and engaging whilst holding a true sense of ceremony and should always be a reflection of the deep love you share. A little laughter, a few happy tears and a whole lot of love, then on to the drinks and dancing!

Is it customary for a bride to arrive late?

There is a belief that the bride should be late but you should remember that your guests have more than likely arrived early and if you are 15 minutes late, this has them standing around for a long period of time in the elements. This hot sun in the summer, cold and rain in the cooler months. You’ll drop jaws no matter what, so arrive on time and get right into the fun.

Should we provide refreshments at the ceremony location?

Whilst many locations will not allow alcohol or glass, I now insist that couples provide water at all outdoor weddings. Queensland weddings which are outdoors don’t always have water facilities nearby. I believe it is your duty of care to at least provide a couple of buckets filled with ice and bottled water. You can pick up beautiful tin containers from the cheap & cheerful stores and your guests will be so grateful for it!

Do we need a back-up plan?

Yes of course! We all know Queensland weather is beautiful one day and perfect the next but you never know when the skies will open. In this case you can’t ask your guests to sit in the rain in their beautiful dresses and shoes so a back-up plan is good thinking.

Do you do more than one Wedding Ceremony per day?

I am a very busy marriage celebrant and if, and only if, there is more than enough time to travel between the weddings without a rush then I would certainly book more than one wedding on a day. But my focus is on each couple, so you’ll never have to worry about me rushing your ceremony or looking to get away. If I can’t guarantee I’ll have enough time to travel between ceremonies and arrive in plenty of time without rushing either ceremony, I will accept just one booking for each day!

What do we do about music at our wedding ceremony?

Live music is certainly a great option and there are many talented performers around but should you decide on playing music, then through my PA is an option. You will need to put a playlist together for the ceremony which typically consists of three pieces. Once for the processional (walking down the aisle), one for the signing of the documents and one for the recessional (walking out as a married couple) which should be a fun happy piece that makes you want to dance down the aisle. I ask that you put the music on a mobile device and put someone in control of that music. I will provide auxiliary cords and iPhone adaptors as needed. We can discuss this further at our initial meeting.

I have so many more questions I would like to ask. What should I do?

That’s absolutely fine! Just give me a call so that we can have an obligation free chat.  I am here to help in any way I can, my only wish is that every couple have the perfect wedding ceremony.

How do I book you as my wedding celebrant?

Please go to my contact page or send the form on the bottom of any page of my website. Once I receive your enquiry I will send you some details via email about my ceremonies. The next step is to make a time to meet so you can check me out to make sure I am the right celebrant for you. When we meet, I will ask you a lot of questions about your vision for your marriage ceremony. Where possible, I prefer to meet you in person, but if you live far away, I’m happy to chat using phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype. Once you have decided that I’m the best person to conduct your ceremony, we will complete the Notice of Intenmded Marriage and you can pay a (non-refundable) deposit to lock in your date and get the ball rolling on your big day!

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