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Wedding Ceremonies in Brisbane and Beyond

Wedding Planning Checklists

Wedding Plan Checklist Brisbane

Wedding Planning Checklists

Weddings can be grand occasions and organising them can be a headache, even for the most experienced event planners. Successfully planning a wedding from the beginning to the end and ensuring that everything goes smoothly can be a huge and sometimes stressful task for couples intending to tie the knot. Wedding planning checklists can make your planning so much easier.

The essential wedding planning checklists

Set a budget

Once you have chosen your wedding date a wedding budget should be the first item to think about. Your budget determines everything from the choice of venue through to the number of guests you will invite. It will influence your choices for catering, photography, and almost every other aspect of your wedding planning

Create your guest list

Make a list of all those special people you want to be part of your big day. If your budget doesn’t extend to inviting absolutely every relative and friend make a shortlist of people without whom your special day just wouldn’t be the same

Have a theme in mind

Having a themed wedding party can make your special day memorable. Your theme can be as full 0n as a costumed wedding with for example a mediaeval or superheroes theme. It can be as low key as simply having your bridal party colour coordinated so that your photos look amazing

Find a celebrant for your wedding

The happy couple are the most important people at a wedding ceremony but having a celebrant you feel happy and relaxed with is essential. Marriage is the only ceremony in Australia where you must have a registered celebrant to officiate for your ceremony. No matter whether you have a religious celebrant or choose a civil ceremony the right celebrant will not only marry you but also tailor your ceremony so that it reflects your personality and individuality  Celebrant Bronwyn Saleh of Ceremonies with Bronwyn is a leading marriage celebrant in Queensland, and besides overseeing your vows, she has a wealth of practical knowledge about planning weddings and can give you good advice about venues, photography and other wedding questions.

Select a caterer

Choosing a great caterer to take care of food, refreshments, and service to your guests without blowing your budget is important. I can help with recommendations for all types of catering from spit roasts and food trucks to silver service banquets.

You can also find a variety of resources online to help you plan your wedding. Have a look at the wedding planning checklists available on the internet and on social media.

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