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Wedding Veil Pros and Cons

Wedding veil pros and cons

Wedding Veil Pros and Cons

As a Brisbane wedding celebrant, I know that a veil is the piece of iconic wedding-wear that brides either love or hate.

Everyone has seen fabulous photos of brides with the classic white wedding dress and the long flowing veil, but are veils appropriate or practical for Brisbane weddings? What are the wedding veil pros and cons to consider?

The Good Points

  • A veil says “I’m getting married” more clearly that any other wedding accessory. You might wear other gowns and adorn your hair with beautiful bling on other occasions, but a wedding is most likely your only chance to wear a veil
  • A veil can visually tie your outfit together. Not matter whether your gown is ornate or classically simple, a veil can add that “something” to make your outfit dazzle
  • Your photos will look amazing. Brisbane offers so many fabulous photo-worthy locations and a veil draped around your shoulders or lifted by the wind can make your photos stunning

The Down Side

  • Wind is NOT your friend if your ceremony is outdoors. While a romantic, trailing veil sounds like a great idea, a veil blowing across your face at a crucial moment is a nuisance. Perhaps you should consider buying veil weights and adding these to your veil, particularly for Brisbane winter weddings when the westerly winds create a challenge for veil-wearing brides. Alternatively, consider a shorter length veil or invest in a fascinator with a little net – a nod to a veil without actually wearing one
  • Don’t overdo the veil and don’t underplay it either. An ornate veil with a complicated and highly ornamented wedding dress can look fussy and overdone; a super-simple dress with a plain veil might look a little stark. As a rule, the more ornate your dress, the simpler your veil should be
  • Veils are delicate and flammable. Beware of jewellery that can get caught in your veil, make sure that you stay away from rough surfaces like bricks that can snag it and, whatever you do, watch out for candles! Your beautiful veil can be ruined in an instant

Yes or No? How Do I Decide?

  • Bridal shops stock all kinds of veils. Try on a variety of styles and lengths before you decide
  • Will the veil hide details of your dress? If your dress has details that you love on the bodice, do you really want to cover those details up with a veil
  • Talk to your hairdresser. Your hairdresser can suggest the best way to wear your veil and can pin it securely on your wedding day to make sure that it stays in place perfectly

For a Brisbane wedding celebrant who knows you’re beautiful with or without a veil, CALL NOW.

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