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Windy Wedding Day

Windy Wedding Day

It’s Your Wedding Day and it’s Windy

Most couples hope that they will have perfect weather for their special day, but sometimes the weather just doesn’t play along. What if it’s very windy on your wedding day? Relax, a windy wedding day isn’t as bad as you might think.

The News Isn’t All Bad

There are some good points about windy weather on your wedding day.

  • Even in the middle of a Queensland summer, a breeze is cooling and drops the temperature
  • Your photographer will get some amazing and dramatic photos, particularly if you’re wearing a veil.

The News Isn’t All Good Either

Of course, there’s a downside if it’s windy on your wedding day.

  • Wind can wreak havoc with your wedding dress. If your dress is made of heavier fabric, a windy wedding day won’t be a problem, but if your dress has an lightweight overlay of a gauzy fabric such as chiffon or georgette, you might find that the wind spoils the way your dress hangs
  • Windy weather is not your friend if you’re wearing a veil. Particularly if your veil is long, you might like to consider using veil weights. Also ask your hairdresser to make sure that your veil sits well with your hairstyle and is unlikely to come loose if you have a windy wedding day
  • Wind can wreck hairstyles. It’s much more difficult to keep intricate bridal dos looking fabulous in windy weather. Simpler styles, plenty of hair pins and lots of hairspray might help. Definitely have a chat with your hairdresser if you’re getting married in areas that are often windy, such as in the hills or on a beach
  • If your ceremony is outdoor, remember that windy will affect any fabric draped around arbours and might blow over notices on easels. Make sure that everything outdoor is anchored firmly
  • Wind can stir up allergens and pollen and be a problem for anyone suffering from hay fever or allergies

If you’re looking for a celebrant who will be cheerful and friendly whatever the weather, CALL ME NOW.

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