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Dogs at Your Wedding

Dogs at your wedding

Dogs at Your Wedding

Are you thinking of having your dogs at your wedding? Do you love your fur babies almost as much as you love your partner? With a little bit of planning, having your dogs at your wedding can be a very enjoyable experience.

The Right Kind of Dogs

There are no rules about which dogs are suitable and which ones aren’t. Have  a think about your dogs. Are they sociable? Will they panic if they are in an unfamiliar place? Do they cope well with lots of people? How will they react to loud noises, being patted, etc.? Are they likely to bite?

Planning is Everything

So that everyone has a great day, plan ahead for the dogs at your wedding.

  • Make sure that your dogs are restrained on a leash at all times
  • Give someone the job of looking after each dog, before, during and after the ceremony
  • Have plenty of fresh cool water available for your dogs, particularly if you’re getting married in sunny Queensland
  • Have somewhere quiet where your dogs can stay after the ceremony. A full day at a wedding is too much for most dogs. See if someone can drop them home after the ceremony and make sure they’re settled, or consider hiring a professional pet-sitter. It might be worth the expense to know your pooches are happy and relaxed
  • For doggy ring bearers, practise getting the rings on and off their collars at home so that on your big day, your dogs are used to it
  • Give your dog handlers a supply of doggy treats to encourage your dogs to be on their best  behaviour

Having your dogs at your wedding can be a special experience and help make your wedding memorable in the very best way. Not only that, but you will get some great photos with your lovely fur-people as well as your human favourite person.

I’m a celebrant who loves animals and will happily include your dogs in your wedding. CALL ME NOW

Photo by Eve Wheeler, Photography2envy

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